Emergency Services Sirens and Lights

We are devoting a blog to Emergency Services Sirens and Lights so all the people who are looking for sirens and lighting will have a resource to see all the options they have.

Emergency Services Sirens and Lights Manufactures

There are many siren and light manufactures that produce emergency sirens and lights.  Some focus on price, quality, ease of use, and location of manufacture.  These are factors that may be looked at by the emergency response vehicle user.

Feniex Industries, Inc

Feniex Industries, Inc is an emergency vehicle lighting company that engineers and manufactures lights in Austin, Tx.  Their claim is the thinnest and brightest emergency vehicle lights on the market.  They also have siren and light controllers that can be blue tooth activated.

Whelen Engineering Co., Inc

Whelen Engineering Co., Inc is a privately owned 60 year old company offering automotive safety lighting and sirens to emergency services agencies.  Whelen Engineering Co., Inc is based in Connecticut and have a second facility in New Hampshire.

SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal is an employee owned company which originated in 1992.  They are based in Michigan and SoundOff Signal is a problem solving approach company that tries to find solutions to industry problems.

Federal Signal

Federal Signal has been  combining new technology with over 50 years of industry experience.  Federal Signal is based in Oak Brook, IL and focuses on emergency services sirens and lights.

Code3 Inc

Code3 Inc is an engineering, manufacturer and markets lighting and sound based warning products for emergency response professionals.  Code3 Inc emergency services sirens and lights is based in St. Louis, Missouri and their goal is customer safety for firefighters, police officers, EMT emergency medical service technicians as well as utility, DOT and construction worker’s vehicles.

Types of Emergency Services Sirens and Lights

Emergency Sirens

Types of emergency sirens on emergency services sirens and lights vehicles vary.  There can be mechanical emergency sirens, electrically powered mechanical sirens and electric power speakers.  The power for the electric powered emergency sirens are normally 100 watt, two 100 watt speakers or one 200 speaker.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are available for emergency services sirens and lights vehicles.  These emergency lights can be halogen, incandescence, strobe or LED lights.  These lights can be steady burn, flash, rotate, or a mixture.  They can be mounted on top of the vehicle in a light bar or beacon.  On the surface of the vehicle in the grille, on the fenders, on the running boards, or on the back on the hatch, trunk or bumper.  Emergency lights can also be hidden undercover behind the windshield, side windows, or back window.  Emergency lights for emergency services sirens and lights can be mounted in the factory head lights, tail lights, or fog lights.

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